Gordon Stobbe
Camp  director Gordon Stobbe has a long list of recording and performing credits including several instructional books and CDs of traditional and original music. Throughout the year Gordon  teaches classes in fiddle and mandolin in Halifax and instructs at fiddle camps across Canada. 

Kelli Trottier
Kelli Trottier is an Ontario based musician who is well known nationally as a fiddler, singer and stepdancer.  She currently records and plays with her own group and is a member of the international touring group, 'Bowfire'.

Greg Simm
Greg Simm performs on a variety of stringed instruments, teaches guitar in Dartmouth and also instructs at music workshops across Canada. 

 Skip Holmes

Skip Holmes is a multi-instrumentalist with a long history of accompanying projects with nationally known players.  He has many years experience as a stringed instrument teacher and has published a book on guitar accompaniment. 

Geoff Horrocks

Geoff Horrocks of Ottawa is an in-demand piano accompanist and teacher at fiddle camps across Canada.  He has many credits as both a player and engineer for recording projects in the Ottawa area.  Geoff also plays fiddle and guitar and is an accomplished singer.