Camp Audio Clips

Try to learn these tunes by listening to them.  You may want to use Best Practice Software (PC).  It is a free program that enables you to slow down or speed up tunes.

Download for better play.

Kelli - Ash Grove Download
Kelli - Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap Download 
          Geoff - Angeline the Baker Download
          Geoff - Road to Boston Download
          Gordon - Snow Waltz Download
          Gordon - Casey Jones Download

Kelli - The Air Tune Download
Kelli - Just for Faun Download
          Geoff - Hi-Lo Schottische Download
          Geoff - Saut de Lapin Download
          Gordon - Caribou Shuffle Download
          Gordon - Old Red Barn Download


Kelli - Indian Sea Saw Download
Kelli - Sunset on the Ottawa Download
Geoff - Cuckoo's Nest Download
Geoff - Ukrainian Washerwoman Download
Gordon - Buck Fever Rag Download
Gordon - Reel de mes amis Download