Gordon Stobbe
Camp director Gordon Stobbe has a long list of recording and performing credits which include live theatre, radio, television and festivals.  He has authored 21 instructional books and produced 12 CDs of traditional and original music. Throughout the year Gordon instructs at fiddle camps across Canada as well as developing mentoring projects in western and northern Canada.  When he is home in Nova Scotia he continues to work with students in the Halifax area.

Kelli Trottier
Kelli Trottier is an Ontario based musician who is well known nationally as a fiddler, singer and step dancer. She toured with “Bowfire” for ten years and has two fiddle books and ten recordings of traditional and original music Kelli has extensive experience teaching privately, in workshops and at music camps.

Skip Holmes
Skip Holmes has taught guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin at the Canadian Conservatory for the past 23 years, as well as being a frequent instructor at fiddle camps and guitar workshops across the country.

Stacey Read
Stacey Read hails from Sackville NB and teaches fiddle, step dance and piano to over 50 private students. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Stacey is happy to be back in the Maritimes teaching.

New: Kimberley Holmes
Kimberley Holmes, from Nova Scotia, is one of Canada’s premier piano accompanists in the traditional style of fiddling and has worked with many of Canada’s top musicians. She is the house accompanist and past artistic director of the Maritime Fiddle Festival. With over 25 years of teaching experience, she is a guest instructor at camps across Canada.