The Shivering Strings Music Camp was a great chance to meet new friends, get reacquainted with old ones and learn new skills, all at the same time!  The very capable camp manager has effectively taken care of every detail imaginable  to make the event run so smoothly, all done with a wonderfully engaging smile and a chuckle.  The exceptionally talented instructors offered their experience, knowledge and praise freely, giving each "student" the feeling that their success was possible, regardless of their level of playing their instrument. To have been privileged to hear them perform in concert at the end of a long teaching day was truly enjoyable, special and well worth the price of the Camp itself. Food arrangements were fantastic, with healthy choices abounding.  I found attending this camp during February's coldest days, to have been a source of great fun, companionship, and learning.  I'm looking forward to hopefully being a part of next year's terrific camp. 

Jane Shaikh